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Resources to stay compliant on every platform from Amazon to Expo
Stay compliant on every platform from Amazon to Expo

Planning to Import Your Product to the U.S.?
MarketReady Answers Your Top Importing Questions

MarketReady is a regulatory consulting and resource provider for Informa’s health and nutrition businesses. It helps businesses comply with U.S. regulatory requirements, understand and meet event standards, and identify the resources they need to market products successfully in the U.S.

MarketReady customers often have questions like these: 

  • Must all ingredients and finished products be pre-approved by FDA? 
    No, but most businesses that import into the U.S. must register with FDA.
  • Who must register with FDA?
    You must register with FDA if you manufacture, process, pack or store food for human or animal consumption. 
  • Do I need a U.S. Agent?
    Non-U.S. businesses must have an agent that is physically present in the United States to assist with communication between the facility and FDA. Your U.S. Agent must be listed in your FDA registration.
  • What if I’m just exhibiting for the first time, not selling in the U.S.?
    Businesses that sample only and don’t sell, can test products at our events. MarketReady can help you register a facility before or after an event, once you’ve made a decision about the U.S. market.
  • Which is the right U.S. event for me, what’s required to exhibit and how do I get the greatest return on investment?
    Informa offers the largest and most well-known events in the U.S. for ingredient suppliers and natural and organic brands. MarketReady familiarizes businesses with our U.S. events, helps them understand which ingredients and claims are acceptable for natural and organic products, and identifies programs and solutions – like NEXTY awards, industry data & insights, influencer opportunities, contactless sampling and content advertising – that offer strategic advantage to businesses entering the U.S. market. We even help with copy editing to make sure your marketing appeals to U.S. buyers.
  • Do I need a US compliant label to start?
    US compliant labels are important because they show buyers that importers are serious about the U.S. market. Labeling mistakes are one of main reasons businesses have trouble meeting event standards in the U.S., and a leading cause for food to be denied entry at the border. FDA has specific requirements for labels relating to what the product is called, how the ingredients are listed, which allergens are declared, and what statements can be used to describe the product. MarketReady helps businesses meet these requirements.
  • What else must I do before shipping product to the U.S.?
    You must inform FDA that your shipment will be arriving to the USA. This is usually handled by your customs broker.

Interested in the U.S. market? MarketReady is here to help.