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The fastest-growing category in the supplement industry? The Herbs & Botanicals report has the answer.
> Herbs & Botanicals outpace industry growth

February 2021: The Guest Editor Issue


NBJ's first Guest Editor Issue brings together leading voices in the industry to answer the question: What is the most important story we should be tracking in 2021? 

Hear from 8 guest editors on the following topics:

UNPA President Loren Israelsen explores how the industry can best take a position on the COVID vaccine after the pandemic fueled historic sales growth. 

UR Labs founder Marc Washington tasks us to find out how the industry can better serve people of color and the health challenges highlighted by the pandemic. 

Lawyer Rend Al-Mondhiry asks what supplement brands can do to prepare for a wave of immunity research that will wash over the industry in coming months. 

As a marketing consultant, Emerald-Jane Hunter guides a writer to learn how brands can make the tumult of 2020 an impactful part of their story. 

Whipstitch Capital co-founder Mike Burgmaier thinks startup brands and investors need a dialogue about irrational exuberance after a year when pandemic-warped channel dynamics added a windfall boost. 

The appearance of tests to detect ingredients created via synthetic biology makes it time for the supplement industry to fully confront the technology, according to Organic and Natural Health Association CEO Karen Howard. 

Supplement industry veteran and outspoken environmental advocate Tom Newmark wants details about why brands should be sourcing from regenerative agriculture, and more importantly, how that can be accomplished. 

The incoming Biden administration could provide new opportunities for the natural products association to get involved in agricultural policy and Tera’s Whey and Food Finance Institute founder Tera Johnson explores what that involvement could mean.