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April 2020: Market Overview


It could seem difficult to see an event defining an era while that event and that era are still happening, but the COVID-19 outbreak defies such myopia. A civilization rattled to its core leaves little room for overstatement, and so, in this moment, a virus comes to define an entire decade still in its very first months. But while it’s easy to see chaos and entire business sectors brought to ruin, it might be harder for some to recognize opportunities. That has not been a problem for the supplement industry. One of brightest silver linings in the history of dark clouds is shining on supplements, with the most radiant light falling on brands with immunity products among their SKUs. Some companies are reporting sales spiking in the hundreds of % and bottles backordered into the many thousands. Even products well outside the immunity realm are doing well, very well. With all that opportunity, of course, come challenges of immense and ominous variety, and nobody is hopscotching across the apocalypse. An uncertain supply chain, a workforce that could fall ill or worse tomorrow, the specter of adulteration, turmoil in sales channels and an economy sputtering into recession: the opportunity comes paired with any number of calamities in waiting. Squinting into that kaleidoscope of scenarios, NBJ offers this collection of different aspects viewed from various vantages.

The opportunity is enormous, and yet eclipsed by unknowable outcomes. All of them difficult to see.