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Herbs & Botanicals 2020 market data: 17.3% growth & $11.2 billion. Find experts insights on 'why'.
Herbs & Botanicals: $11.2B & up 17.3% in 2020

2020 Condition Specific Report


Why do people buy the supplements that they buy?

NBJ's Condition Specific Report looks at 18 conditions - such as sleep support, menopause, joint health, immunity, and many others - and analyzes the top 6 ingredients that consumers reach for when shopping for supplements to address them.

Full of data and expert analysis that you can't find anywhere else, this report covers the WHY behind the supplement industry's sales numbers. 

Conditions covered:
Women's General Health
Men's General Health
Children's Health
Prenatal/Postnatal Health
Brain/Cognitive Health
Sleep Support
Mental Health/Mood and Stress
Heart Health 
Sexual Health
Joint Health/Inflammation
Bone Health
Gastrointestinal Health
Liver Health/Detox
Healthy Aging