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Personalized Nutrition Special Report


Long predicted as the great validation of dietary supplements, personalized nutrition is arriving on the market as the great disruption. A rapidly growing number of consumers is accepting the premise of specific needs and benefits for specific people, but it's how they are accepting it that's proved so disruptive, not just for personalized nutrition but across the dietary supplement industry.

NBJ's first Personalized Nutrition Special Report offers the first view into the size of the market and how it will grow. Broken into categories for survey-, DNA-, blood biomarker-, and microbiome-based brands, the report reveals where the consumers are now and where the NBJ model predicts they will move next. 

The report includes:

  • Market sizing and growth projections broken down by mode of analysis 
  • Data on market share for the different approaches now and how we expect that share to break down in years to come
  • Expert insight on the state of the science and how that science is being brought to market
  • Company profiles of the top brands innovating in the space

No longer in the future, personalized nutrition is arriving in inboxes and on doorsteps today. The great disruption has begun and the NBJ Personalized Nutrition Special Report provides the tools necessary to stay ahead.

What's Included:

19 data charts & graphs
12 Company Profiles
Excel document of raw data
Presentation-ready reports for PowerPoint