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Learn WHY growth is happening with analysis across 22 health conditions.
The Condition Specific Report: Answering 'Why?'

Probiotic Market Analysis


The nearly $3 billion gastrointestinal health market was the fastest growing category (among the 22 conditions tracked by NBJ) in 2015. By 2019 it had dropped to sixteenth.

Probiotics led both the double digit growth earlier in the decade and the doubt that clouds the category today, even as consumers are increasingly interested in products positively impacting the microbiome. The result is a supplements category that is difficult to predict.

This Market Analysis explores NBJ-tracked conditions of gut health, sleep support, mental health/mood/stress and children’s health, charting trends and opportunities with NBJ market sizing and NEXT Trend data and insights.

Analysis features:

  • 6 NBJ charts
  • 6 NEXT Trend charts
  • 10 Survey charts tracking consumer attitudes
  • 10 Products exemplifying key trends
  • 4 Product concepts tested by NEXT Concept Lab