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Resources to stay compliant on every platform from Amazon to Expo
Stay compliant on every platform from Amazon to Expo

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Compliance for CPGs

MarketReady Insights helps ensure labels and marketing material for consumer packaged goods (CPGs) meet federal regulatory requirements, e.g., product labeling must correspond with intended use, required labeling elements must be presented properly, ingredients must be appropriate for the product type and label and marketing claims must conform to regulations.

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Compliance for Ingredient Suppliers

Suppliers marketing ingredients for use in foods, dietary supplements and cosmetics must properly label their products, substantiate their claims and only make permissible claims. MarketReady Insights helps ingredient suppliers develop marketing materials that meet these criteria while still effectively educating buyers about an ingredient’s value.

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Digital Review

FDA’s regulations apply whenever businesses present information accompanying their products’ sales. Companies’ sophistication in maintaining their digital materials’ compliance must keep pace with the growth of e-commerce. MarketReady Insights helps businesses create digital identities for their brands that consumers will trust and regulators ignore.

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Supply Chain Security

Businesses depend on current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs) being implemented throughout their supply chains. Many problems can be avoided by creating ingredient and finished product specifications and ensuring they are respected. MarketReady Insights helps businesses understand how to qualify suppliers, know which documents to maintain, and prevent issues from becoming problems.

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