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Stay compliant on every platform from Amazon to Expo

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Our Response to the Natural Product Insider Article: "FDA, consumer groups in favor of mandatory listing of dietary supplement products"

The New Hope Network Standards Department supports FDA’s proposal for mandatory dietary supplement product listing for many of the same reasons raised by proponents in a recent article by Natural Products Insider, an Informa-owned publication. We agree that a mandatory listing would provide a more complete picture of the supplement market and a comprehensive tool for anyone to quickly identify product ingredients. This would enable regulators to more quickly and efficiently take appropriate enforcement actions where needed, such as helping to weed out the bad players that unfairly taint the reputation of responsible industry. It would allow consumers a way to quickly find products with specific ingredients, improving transparency, which is becoming increasingly important to consumers.

We also see how a mandatory product listing could potentially increase consumer confidence in dietary supplements. While FDA does not “approve” the effectiveness or safety of dietary supplements before they are sold in the U.S., manufacturers could view a mandatory listing as an opportunity for a new claim on the labels similar to “LISTED with FDA.” A new statement like this could add credibility and assurance to consumers, physicians and others in knowing FDA is aware that a product is being marketed. And it would be verifiable; one would simply have to look up the product on the mandatory listing.

On the other hand, we do understand and expect that such a federal mandate would have its opposition. Relevant opposing points are also expressed in the article linked above. However, we foresee more benefits that outweigh the objections. In conclusion, a mandatory listing for dietary supplements could be a good thing for the industry, regulators and consumers.

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