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Pre-order the Supplement Business Report for early charts and discounted NBJ Summit Virtual access!
Pre-order the Supplement Business Report for early charts and more!

Upcoming NBJ 2022 Reports

Want a sneak peek into NBJ's 2022 reports? Below is a list of reports scheduled to come out in the next year.

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2022 Reports Available Now

Delivery Format Report

Browse the aisles of your local retailer, ecommerce store, or natural products trade show, and you'll notice jars of pills are no longer as ubiquitous as in years past. Pills appeared at least as recently as 1500 BC when the first references appeared in Egypt. Pills only slipped behind non-pill format supplements by NBJ estimates in 2019. Who could say 3,600 years of leading the market isn’t a good track record?


Personalized Nutrition Report

Personalized Nutrition is no longer just a category of disruptors wavering between industry takeover and fad status. It's established enough to have a reliable co-packer network and has attracted acquisitions from Nestle, Nature's Way and Bayer. The opportunity? The potential to pass $1 billion in sales by 2024 following 35.8% growth in 2021.


Sports Nutrition and Weight Management Report

Focuses on supplements and functional foods targeting sports performance, active lifestyle and weight management categories. Market sizing and growth data for protein powders, sports functional beverages, sports hydration and energy beverages, sports pills, nutrition/wellness bars, weight management pills and weight management meal supplements. Consumer and manufacturer survey data across these categories, focusing on impacts of COVID-19.


Upcoming 2022 Reports

Supplement Business Report

Published: June 2022

Condition Specific Report

Published: July 2022


Published: August 2022

Global Supplement Business Report*

Published: October 2022

SPECIAL REPORT on 2022 Trending Topic

Published: November 2022

Released NEXT and NBJ Reports | 2022

Plant-Based Foods Market Analysis

Focuses on trends and opportunities in the plant-based foods market, including metrics on diversity of consumers. Data and insights covered include plant-based consumer demographics and NBJ market sizing on meat and dairy alternatives. Market research drawn from NEXT Data & Insights consumer survey data collected in June 2021.


Upcoming 2022 NEXT and NBJ Reports

Collagen Market SPECIAL REPORT

Published: May 2022

The Ways of Eating Report

Published: June 2022

Trends and Innovations Report

Published: August 2022

The Food Tech Report

Published: September 2022

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