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The industry's most-read report has arrived. Explore the 2023 Supplement Business Report.
The 2023 Supplement Business Report is here

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Since 1996, Nutrition Business Journal has guided decision makers in the nutrition and health and wellness space in developing their strategy, understanding trends, realizing opportunity and analyzing potential risks.

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2023 Issue Calendar

February 2023

Futurist Issue

March 2023

Sports Nutrition

April 2023

Sales Channel

May 2023

Market Overview 

June 2023

Condition Specific

July 2023

Awards Issue

August 2023


September 2023

Global Market Overview

October 2023

Branding & Marketing

November 2023


December 2023

Emerging Markets

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Since 1996, industry leaders have turned to NBJ for trusted information.
Here are a few reasons why they keep coming back.

Gaia Herbs

Director, Brand Strategy

"As a brand and product development leader in the natural products industry, I have always relied on NBJ as valuable and primary sources for credible industry data and actionable insights on emerging trends."


Director of Marketing

"Our Executive Team, Brand,Marketing, and Sales leaders all use NBJ to support data-based decision making and gives us industry and competitive insights."

Native Botanicals

Owner, President

"The data and information vividly reflects the trends, challenges, regulatory impacts we have experienced as we have grown into the ‘adult-hood’ of an industry we are today"

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