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Learn WHY growth is happening with analysis across 22 health conditions.
The Condition Specific Report: Answering 'Why?'

August 2021: Generations Issue



  • The big challenges of being big - As the supplement industry grows, younger generations question the values of big business
  • Value brands give way to brand values - Mission and meaning drive purchasing decisions among younger generations
  • My generation - Where do different age groups source their health and wellness information? And how much does it matter?
  • Generation angst - Gen-Z and millennial consumers cite anxiety and sleep as reasons to buy supplements
  • Gen Z basics - Young consumers take a complicated view of health to match a complicated world
  • A supplemental “no” - Survey respondents who say they don’t use supplements provide few clues on how brands could sell to them
  • Generational evaluation - Different generations assess their health differently
  • The generation lap - In sports nutrition, older consumers are being left behind


  1. Consumer perception of value of business practices
  2. Consumer preference for practical value vs. Brand mission
  3. Consumer trust of health and wellness information sources:
  4. Doctors and pharmacists
  5. Consumer trust of health and wellness information sources:
  6. Friends and family
  7. Mood and mental health supplement sales and growth, 2016-2024e
  8. Top 5 health concerns across generations
  9. Largest difference in gen z values vs. All other generations
  10. Among consumers who never take supplements,
  11. Reasons for not taking
  12. Consumers who never take supplements because
  13. They believe they get enough nutrients from food
  14. Importance of health evaluation measures across generations
  15. Active lifestyle market sales and growth, 2016-2024e
  16. Sports nutrition/performance supplement usage across generations