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December 2018: Global


Issue Highlights:
- Growth is slowing in established markets, but new markets demand attention
- As US global trade remains a leading topic on the global stage, what will the Trump AdministrationÕs new North American agreement bring for the supplement industry?
- Australia has experienced some rubber-banding as it finds vast populations-and oft-changing regulations- in China
- Already a leader in hemp production, Canada has legalized recreational marijuana; even so, CBDÕs future is unclear
- The man uses of cannabis- from industrial hemp to recreational marijuana- is the hottest growth story in botanicals, no less so in the global arena
- How is global warming affecting the supplement industry? HereÕs how eight industry experts answered the question
- Africa is ripe for agricultural development Ð in many cases leapfrogging the chemical dependencies of modern agriculture and presenting unique ingredients with sustainable production
- Non-China Asia presents a mixed picture of supplement adoption, with a good dose of promise
+ IndiaÕs public-private collaboration, Western EuropeÕs pharmacyÕs new competition and Latin AmericaÕs growth paired with regulatory harmonization