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Herbs & Botanicals 2020 market data: 17.3% growth & $11.2 billion. Find experts insights on 'why'.
Herbs & Botanicals: $11.2B & up 17.3% in 2020

December 2020: Branding & Marketing



  • How to reach Gen Z - Just as we start to figure out millennials, along comes generation Z, with digitally skewed attention spans, new attitudes about health, enhanced expectations of social justice and a deep skepticism about commercial speech
  • Marketing diversity - Diversity, inclusion and equity present a marketing minefield for brands that fear getting it wrong but know that trying to sit out change is the bigger risk
  • Sustaining the spike - The pandemic accelerated sales for the supplement industry in 2020, but maintaining that momentum into 2021 could prove difficult unless the latest marketing techniques are adopted
  • Storytelling over selling - Content marketing delivers an unparalleled opportunity for brands looking to educate and engage with consumers—as long as they don’t forget key elements of storytelling and evolving expectations
  • Innovation unleashed - An innovation backlog of products put on the side burner during the pandemic is ready to hit the shelves, and brands need the right strategy to get noticed
  • Sky's the limit for immunity - Propelled to the spotlight by pandemic, immunity is poised to step up from seasonal condition-specific player to everyday health-concern star
  • Maintaining relevance - Pure Branding’s Yadim Medore says legacy brands have a lot to learn from new players bringing new tools and tactics into branding and marketing


  1. Percentage of 7- to 22-year-olds across race and generation
  2. Supplement sales by channel, 2023e
  3. Consumer response to lack of diversity in advertising
  4. How often consumers feel they see people who look like them depicted in advertisements
  5. Natural and organic products industry sales and growth, 2015-2023e
  6. Reason for trying a new brand in the past three months, june 2020
  7. B2B marketer response regarding changes their organization made to content marketing in response to pandemic
  8. Content marketing changes B2B organizations made in response to the pandemic
  9. Natural and organic food and beverage sales and growth, 2015-2023e
  10. Top 10 ingredients used in immune-positioned food and beverages at Natural Products Expos East and West, 2017 and 2019
  11. Which do you believe most accurately describes how you think about your immune system?