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The fastest-growing category in the supplement industry? The Herbs & Botanicals report has the answer.
> Herbs & Botanicals outpace industry growth
December 2021: The Digital Issue
December 2021: The Digital Issue

December 2021: The Digital Issue


Digital tools made it possible for the supplement industry to meet the needs of consumers when they had few places to turn, and now those tools loom over every trend and development in the industry from here on out. That’s why we are publishing this first-ever NBJ Digital Issue.

The sales figures make it clear why the issue is timely. Supplement market growth broke all records when it hit 14.5% in 2020. E-commerce alone added $4 billion to supplement sales in 2020, accounting for 61% of the additional $7 billion that came into the supplement market. In 2021, growth in the channel—building off an exponentially larger base—will top 20%. But it’s not just sales.

As changes in digital capabilities and how they impact the supplement market rattle screens of every size, it becomes clearer and clearer that every supplement company  needs to think more think like a tech company.

Issue Features:

  • Looking forward, and keeping up: Ecommerce is the biggest—but not the only—piece of a digital revolution that the nutrition industry needs to better understand
  • Storm to strategy: Brands focus on long-term DTC plans after explosive pandemic growth
  • Content first: Engaging content can be cheap for brand founders with the
    right creative instincts, but not every CEO is a good fit
  • Wearables without nutrition: The future of health may be on your wrist, but where are the supplements?
  • Virtually unchanged: Video has opened a window into how companies will conduct business in the future
  • Driving it home The pandemic proved how necessary e-commerce is, even for the independents
  • Online awareness: OTHR Store offers a hub for consumers to buy from diverse entrepreneurs
  • VMS Customers Show a Renewed Interest in Subscription Programs Online
  • Q&A with Christine Brennan, Digital Renegades

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