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July 2018: Branding/Marketing (Consumer Research)


Issue article highlights:

¥ Online marketing may not sound like an obvious strategy for brick and mortar retail, but using digital data to target shoppers has become a profitable way of increasing foot traffic.
¥ A legion of craft brewers has taken on beer titans like Budweiser and Coors to create a movement with regional followings and new levels of sophistication. Their success may have lessons for the food industry.
¥ Looking good on the shelf has long been a must in packaging design, but looking good on a bloggerÕs kitchen counter is becoming increasingly important.
¥ Generally delaying having kids, millennials are looking at pets as starter children and spending accordingly. That may make them the best news the animal supplement category has ever heard.
¥ Consumers armed with digital tools to trace ingredient transparency are making the back label more important than the brand marquee on the front.
+ grabbing eyeballs, and Q&As with millennial food expert Eve Turrow Paul and BrandHive founder Jeff Hilton