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Where's the activity in this $40.5 billion market? The Active Lifestyle Report is on sale now!
The Active Lifestyle Report is on sale now!

July 2020: Sales Channel Issue


Issue Features & Takeaways:

  • With all channels growing— and e-commerce sprinting way ahead—brands need to plan for the long-term impact of pandemic-driven buying patterns
  • Guest commentary from SPINS’ Jay Lovelace
  • Few other channels are focused as much on person-to-person contact as multi-level marketing, but MLM companies are finding they didn’t need a Tupperware party to sell Tupperware
  • Guest commentaries from consultants Betsy McGinn and Elliot Begoun
  • Closed offices prevented practitioners from providing care, but out of the disruption could come opportunities in more digitally connected care
  • Guest commentary from Netrush CEO Brian Gonsalves
  • With the gig model taking over grocery delivery, freelancers leapfrogging POS data collection, and e-commerce oulets holding sales figures tight, data collection is more blurred than ever
  • Viagra helped build the online pharmacy channel, but the pandemic helped prove
    the model far beyond the bedroom
  • Q&A with Thrive Market’s Jeremiah McElwee

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