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What follows 14.5% growth? The Supplement Business Report has the answers.
The 2021 Supplement Business Report is a must-read!

June 2018: Market Overview


Issue article highlights:

¥ Supplement sales growth may have slowed in 2018, but there may be no one factor to blame and certainly no reason to panic.
¥ Supplement companies offering at-home nutrient level test kits to consumers are helping personalized nutrition leapfrog the practitionerÕs office.
¥ Homeopathy is controversial for efficacy and its status as a drug, but consumers continue to embrace the concept.
¥ Nearly two years after the FDA issued its latest draft guidance on New Dietary Ingredients, both submissions and enforcement have proven unremarkable.
¥ Ayurvedic medicine is an ancient tradition thatÕs growing in the modern age, but is the supplement industry ignoring the principles and focusing on profits?
+ glyphosate-free certifications, Chinese help for GNC, Big CPG + mass retail relationship troubles, Q&As with Dr. Dale Bredesen and Naveen Jai