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March 2018: Dark Issue


This third iteration of the Dark Issue looks at Greed. Adulteration, as explored in Zombie Ingredients, page 1, is a problem of greed. The greed that built drug empires big and small spills over into supplements in Don't Snort That Chocolate, page 7. Greed could run the promising CBD industry right off the rails if the burgeoning category doesnÕt discover and nurture its responsible side (page 12). And an industry professional looks back on a story of greed in Supplement Sins, page 22.

But the tales of greed in the supplement industry aren't always lurid and outlandish. Greed creeps in from the corners as well. The bad actors prowling the raw materials market arenÕt hurting for customers. Retailers and e-commerce sites carry sketchy products. Dry-lab "testing" operations have long client lists, too.

We could have put "greed" on the cover of every Dark Issue, but we want the NBJ community to look at their part in the greed equation. Calling out greed when you see it may be the best way of ushering it out of the industry.