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Stop by SupplySide West booth #3721

MarketReady Insights - Regulatory

In an industry as heavily regulated as the health and nutrition sector, compliance matters. MarketReady Insights makes regulatory compliance easier so ingredient manufacturers, consumer-packaged goods companies and brands can focus confidently on developing their product and position in the market. Browse the services below to see how MarketReady can help you.

CPG Compliance Solution


Congratulations! You've developed a new product and have a message to share! To offer your product for sale in the U.S., it has to be neither adulterated nor misbranded. Surprisingly, that can happen more easily than you might think. Adulteration and misbranding have to do with what's in your product, what you say about it, and the conditions under which it's manufactured. From a regulatory standpoint, both your label and marketing are considered "labeling." Federal regulations require that product labeling include specific elements, formatted in particular ways, while also avoiding making prohibited claims.

CPG Compliance Solution helps businesses produce compliant labeling by checking the product ingredients, how the product is labeled, and what the marketing materials say about it. This solution is an excellent choice for a business first entering the market or established businesses introducing new products. 

  • Regulatory review for one (1) CPG label
  • Regulatory review for one (1) marketing page
  • Written summary of issues and step-by-step corrections
  • Q&A session with a consultant

Supplier Compliance Solution


Suppliers marketing ingredients for use in CPG foods, dietary supplements and cosmetics must also avoid producing adulterated or misbranded products. They must properly label their products, substantiate their claims and only make permissible claims. MarketReady Insights helps ingredient suppliers develop marketing materials that meet these criteria while still effectively educating buyers about an ingredient’s value.

Our Supplier Compliance Solution addresses the issues that present the most challenging regulatory issue in marketing an ingredient - determining which claims are sufficiently substantiated with clinical studies and may be used to market an ingredient. This solution is a smart choice for ingredient manufacturers introducing a new ingredient or developing new marketing materials for an existing ingredient. 

  • Regulatory review of two (2) marketing pages
  • Substantiation assessment
  • Written summary of issues and step-by-step corrections
  • Q&A session with a consultant

Digital Compliance Solution


The FDA’s regulations apply whenever businesses present information accompanying their products’ sales. Digital marketing makes products visible and accessible to customers as well as the FDA and FTC. In our experience, even companies with compliant product labeling often have non-compliant claims on their websites. FDA warning letters commonly follow an inspection or an online review. While you can't control when the FDA visits your facility, you can control whether you draw their attention online. 

MarketReady Insights
helps businesses create digital identities for their brands that consumers will trust and regulators will ignore. Our Digital Compliance Solution helps companies maintain their regulatory sophistication as they keep pace with the growth of e-commerce.

  • Regulatory review of three (3) web pages
  • Written summary of issues and step-by-step corrections
  • Q&A session with a consultant

Supply Chain Security Assessment


Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs) are important operational requirements for manufacturers of FDA-regulated products and are designed to help keep products safe. Failure to comply with GMPs is one of the most frequently cited violations by the FDA during inspections. Importantly, cGMPs help prevent harm to consumers and ensure product quality. Many problems can be avoided by creating ingredient and finished product specifications, and ensuring they're respected. 

MarketReady Insights
helps businesses understand who is responsible for doing so, whether it's occurring and whether it's been properly documented. Adhering to GMPs protects businesses and the reputation of the industry in which your industry operates. Remember, it's not enough to have a recipe. If you need more, MarketReady is here to help. 

  • GMP record-keeping gap analysis
  • Review of specifications
  • Q&A session with a consultant
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CPG Label Review
Clean Label Review
Marketing or Advertising Review
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Due Diligence Report
Written Summary of Issues and Step-by-Step Corrections
Q&A with a Consultant
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