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Herbs & Botanicals 2020 market data: 17.3% growth & $11.2 billion. Find experts insights on 'why'.
Herbs & Botanicals: $11.2B & up 17.3% in 2020

November 2020: Plant Power Issue


Issue Features & Takeaways:

  • Awareness and popular literature around the power of plants to heal people and the planet have gone increasingly mainstream
  • Fungi, indeed, are experiencing huge gains in the marketplace, and in the collective consciousness. The 2019 film, Fantastic Fungi, grossed $1.7 million.
  • New technology and new labs can discover the mechanism of action for traditional herbs but still miss the whole plant effect
  • The advance of foodtech into natural products continues to raise hackles, with traditional brands pointing to cell-based processing as the clearest call for alarm
  • Foodtech can be a bridge between the unhealthy realities of the modern American diet and the idealized solutions often promulgated by natural products brands
  • With climate change threatening future herb supplies, industry is upping its sustainability game like never before
  • Plant-based burger growth (Nov 2019) - up 15% from 2018-2019
  • The year of immunity tightened supply for elderberry and other herbs, but a new wave of immune health ingredients is waiting to be discovered
  • Long before Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat, vegetable protein pioneers were bringing alternatives to market; as the world catches up to their visions, we hear from brands young and old
  • The promise of alternative medicine drew these industry pioneers into herbalism, and decades later, they still view the herbs and botanical industry through that lens