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November 2021: The Supply Chain Issue
November 2021: The Supply Chain Issue

November 2021: The Supply Chain Issue


The global supply chain has never been as relevant as it is now, and this issue examines the changing supply chain problems, and how these issues are specifically impacting the supplement industry. Featuring data, insights, and expert commentary on topics from shipping costs and labor shortages to innovations in ingredient supplier technology, this issue will help explain exactly what's going on from several industry perspectives, and help you navigate the supply chain unknowns to plan for the future. 

Issue Features:

  • Adjusted Expectations: Growth slows in second year of pandemic as supply challenges grow
  • A Growing Concern: Myriad factors converge to build inflationary pressure throughout the nutrition supply chain
  • The Great Supply Chain Crisis of 2021: China takes the pandemic in stride, but cracks appear at the seams
  • The Vaped Crusader: Boulder inventor's extraction technique holds promise for supplements
  • Hemp’s Minor Cannabinoids Take Center Stage, with a Slew of Questions: Move over, CBD, but hemp’s minor cannabinoids need serious help
  • The Shipping News: Sea freight containers quintupling in price and taking three times as long to arrive are among key elements in the current supply chain crisis
  • Help Wanted: Supplement industry contends with high demand for products and low availability of labor
  • Beyond the Clinicals: Brand are choosing branded ingredients for transparency and quality as much as for science
  • Building a Better Botanicals Business: Q&A with Ann Armbrecht, Sustainable Herbs Program
  • Stuck on Supply Chain Success: Q&A with Nick O’Flaherty, Tent Partnership for Refugees’ UNSTUCK program

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