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Herbs & Botanicals 2020 market data: 17.3% growth & $11.2 billion. Find experts insights on 'why'.
Herbs & Botanicals: $11.2B & up 17.3% in 2020

October 2020: The Global Issue


Issue Features & Takeaways:

  • Every region saw an uptick in sales growth as the pandemic spread
  • The competence of the national response and the rate of infection influenced supplement sales growth
  • Regions with high growth for 2020 will see a bigger slowdown in an impending readjustment, but growth will be from much larger numbers
  • The supplement supply chain is likely to pull back from its heavy reliance on China, as externalized risks and uncertainties are made real
  • Australia has emerged as a top competitor to U.S. brands selling in China, as that country moved more aggressively through the cross-border e-commerce sales channel
  • Growth has accelerated in Europe in the wake of COVID-19, but country-by-country results have been impacted by lockdowns and channel dynamics
  • Over production in the United States left a glut of product, but varying regulations make export difficult
  • Quarantine restrictions led to channel innovation focusing on home delivery in Latin America
  • The population makeup of the U.S. and Canada afford a promising diversity in trial subjects