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Resources to stay compliant on every platform from Amazon to Expo
Stay compliant on every platform from Amazon to Expo

Labeling Review


MarketReady's Labeling Review helps businesses produce compliant product labeling by checking the product ingredients, how the product is labeled, and what the marketing materials say about it. This solution is an excellent choice for a business first entering the market or established businesses introducing new products.

This affordable flat-rate consulting package includes:

☐  1 CPG label review
☐  Step-by-step corrections
☐  Q&A with a consultant

Expedited services are also available.
Expedited services ensure a 3-5 business day turnaround time for label reviews. There may be periods during which expedited services are not available. These timeframes typically occur with high volume submissions, near and during Expo East and Expo West or during times of limited staff availability.