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Add 'Website Review' to your New Year's Resolutions
Add 'Website Review' to your New Year's Resolutions

About MarketReady Insights

Our Mission

Great ideas too often falter before they reach the marketplace. MarketReady Insights helps businesses enter and navigate markets. It helps gather the knowledge and tools businesses need to turn ideas into successful realities – ones that are, in fact, “market ready.”

We believe the marketplace is stronger and more vibrant when businesses operate responsibly. Companies, the health and nutrition industry, and consumers all benefit. MarketReady’s three pillars of sustainability are regulatory compliance, social and environmental ethics, and transparency. We aim to answer two specific questions: why it makes good business sense and how to accomplish it.

When our clients seek sustainability and achieve growth (new products, markets and customers), increase their capital (savings from sustainable operations and premiums for greener products) and reduce their risk (regulatory to reputation), we’re building momentum to truly provide “more health for more people.”

We know that time is money and delay is lost opportunity. We know that demands of daily operations make it hard to think about sustainability and comprehensive compliance, even though consumer statistics show it matters. MarketReady offers access to a curated selection of resources, expertise to operate confidently, and a trusted partner whenever your business needs assistance. We make it easier to build momentum and focus on longevity for our clients, our relationships, and our planet. 

Join us in creating “more health for more people.”

A Note from Shelley

A few years ago, I launched a small start-up in the frozen food sector. I had some personal areas of expertise—I successfully ran a large manufacturing company in a different industry, imported products from Asia and Europe and worked as an attorney in a regulatory practice. I was also a cooking aficionado, health geek, and a believer in using food to heal. On the other hand, I knew few people in the health and nutrition industry, little about frozen food distribution, had difficulty finding affordable “clean” ingredients, and found it hard to scale. My funding was limited coming from my own pocket. I’m guessing some of you can relate. This valuable experience gave me a taste of the industry and drove me to dive in deeper…in a different way.

Enter New Hope Network (“NHN”) and its parent company, Informa. I took a position doing regulatory work for Natural Products Expo, the pre-eminent launch pad for natural products, and its sister event SupplySide, our leading ingredient exhibition in the US. I met hundreds of businesses and industry partners, saw thousands of products, and helped countless start-ups with event standards. I got to know Informa and realized the extensive resources it possesses. Informa is a company that helps “specialist” businesses—think pharma, aviation, clinical journals, fashion design, and dietary supplements—know more and do more. It’s vast. I knew how valuable these resources would have been to me, had I known they were available. MarketReady Insights is here to make sure you know.

Businesses like my own have a limited window to learn and grow. They do better with guidance and have only so much money with which to do it. Mentored start-ups, for example, grow 3.5 times faster and raise 7 times more money. Forbes. No wonder, as the food, dietary supplements and cosmetics industries are highly regulated and a certain level of expertise and “insider” understanding makes a real difference. Furthermore, consumers are looking for, and are willing to pay a premium to businesses they trust. Businesses need to know how to establish and also maintain that trust. Informa’s Health & Nutrition division possesses the resources, connections, expertise and commitment that can drive success for these businesses.

MarketReady Insights accelerates the learning curve for anyone from first-time startups to exporters entering the US market. It guides emerging businesses focused on accelerating growth and established businesses looking for a regulatory touchpoint during R&D. It outfits businesses with the tools they need to succeed: crucial expertise, help in navigating the industry, and invaluable connections and resources. Although Informa’s reach is vast, I think you’ll find MarketReady personal. We understand the financial pressures and are committed to developing pricing structures that are both affordable and transparent so all companies have their best chance to succeed. We’re personally familiar with the experience of “drinking through the fire hose” and aim to offer more of a “Matrix-style” experience. I hope you reach out and get to know MarketReady Insights—we’re looking forward to getting to know you.

Shelley Sapsin
Director, MarketReady Insights