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Resources to stay compliant on every platform from Amazon to Expo
Stay compliant on every platform from Amazon to Expo

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FTC requires claims used in advertising to be truthful, not deceptive or unfair, and adequately substantiated. MarketReady helps companies ensure their ads and paid content meet these requirements. MarketReady also connects its customers with the right Informa content and sponsorship teams to develop custom paid content and opportunities. 

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Endorsements, Influencers & Social Media

New Hope Network, an Informa company, helps to shape market values within the natural products industry by promoting reputable influencers with the right credentials and experience. MarketReady Insights can connect its customers with these leaders while also helping businesses follow the rules for endorsements, influencers and using social media. 

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Sustainability & Certifications

As the world’s leading knowledge and information company, and one committed to its own sustainable practices, Informa provides venues—such as Esca Bona and the Natural Products Expos—for specialists to exchange and incubate new ideas for innovating sustainability. MarketReady Insights can connect clients to these leaders in sustainability and introduce them to new initiatives. MarketReady also helps brands build clean labels and provides trends data on value claims and sustainability certifications so businesses can determine which are most valuable to them and their customers.

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Investment Capital

Health and wellness brands seeking early capital from investors can benefit from a simple, abbreviated, due diligence review. Informa’s Nutrition Capital Network brings active investors together with curated brands in the health and nutrition industry. Compliant labeling and attention to cGMPs make investment candidates more attractive and build investor confidence. MarketReady Insights provides services and expertise for brands to demonstrate these characteristics, and can help businesses find mentors to take them to the next level.

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