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Becoming MarketReady: Learn, Share, Grow

Roller coasters and fire hoses – these are the metaphors we use to describe market entry for young businesses, those with new lines and those entering new markets. The journey is one of exhilaration, endless challenge, trepidation, and mastery on the road to success. Learn the stories behind these successful new businesses, the challenges they’ve faced and the solutions they’ve found.

Shelley Sapsin, Director of MarketReady Insights, facilitated this casual roundtable discussion. And as they say, you don’t know, what you don’t know, until you do. Join us here for some market ready insights.

UNPA Excited about Availability of MarketReady Insights for Industry  

Compliance not on your radar? Think it’s too expensive? Listen to UNPA’s Loren Israelsen speak about MarketReady Insights….

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Planning to Import Your Product to the U.S.? MarketReady Answers Your Top Importing Questions

APR 23, 2021

MarketReady is a regulatory consulting and resource provider for Informa’s health and nutrition businesses. It helps businesses comply with U.S. regulatory requirements, understand and meet event standards, and identify the resources they need to market products successfully in the U.S. 

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Amazon revises Dietary Supplement Policy at Amazon Seller Central  

APR 15, 2021

Amazon published a revised version of its Dietary Supplement policy last month requiring businesses to meet federal nutritional labeling requirements (21 CFR 101.36) and current good manufacturing practices for dietary supplements (21 CFR 11) and food (21 CVR 117). Letters of guarantee, required in the previous policy, are no longer being requested. Questions about Amazon requirements or compliance? MarketReady can help.

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Legislative Mandates to Shift Responsibility for End-of-Life Product Disposal

FEB 23, 2021

Legislators from nine states announced on February 1 that they would work together to introduce Extended Product Responsibility (EPR) packaging bills in their states (or similar legislation). EPR shifts responsibility for end-of-life product disposal from municipalities and consumers to manufacturers and brand owners. It alters economic incentives by legislative mandate to motivate industry financially to minimize (or ideally design) waste out of the system. It is seen as a tool in the pursuit of a circular economy where waste is eliminated, and resources reused.

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Avoiding Pitfalls When Sharing Scientific Research about Dietary Ingredients

FEB 12, 2021

Ingredient suppliers, and brands responsible for finished products, want to highlight clinical studies supporting their product claims. Yet, questions about DSHEA’s scientific literature exemption, part of the FD&C Act, come up frequently for our clients. While DSHEA does carve out an exception for scientific literature, it must be used with care. Read on for some of MarketReady's best practices.

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FDA Halts Hangover Claims

AUG 24, 2020

It’s not uncommon for new businesses to apply for exhibition at Natural Products Expos with “hangover” treatments, either as beverages or more commonly, dietary supplements. Applicants can be surprised to learn these claims fall outside Expo Standards.

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Avoid These Top 10 Regulatory Mistakes

AUG 8, 2020

Informa Health & Nutrition prioritizes regulatory compliance at live and digital events. Businesses participating in these events demonstrate their shared commitment to compliance. Informa’s resources can help them fulfill that commitment.

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Balancing consumer demand for “natural” cosmetics with litigation risks 

JUL 23, 2020

Consumers want natural cosmetics but labeling such products as natural exposes brands to litigation risk due to a lack of regulatory and statutory definition of the term “natural.” 

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Applying appropriate testing to botanical materials 

JUL 20, 2020

Botanical identification and testing: it sounds glamorous and sexy, does it not? Well, no matter how it sounds, it plays a vital part in producing quality food supplements.

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Overcoming challenges to enter the US nutraceutical market – podcast 

JUL 23, 2020

What suppliers and brand marketers need to know about developing a market entry strategy that ensures meeting regulatory guidelines and targets whitespace opportunity 

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