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The New Normal: Supplement Industry Growth Outpaces Pre-Pandemic Projections
Supplement Market Rebounds with 4.4% Growth

2019 Raw Material Report


Raw materials are the foundation of your business. Everything you make relies on the materials you use, and on your understanding of this crucial sector. In 2019, supplement raw material sales are on track to grow 6.8% to $6.7 billion. That’s a small-but-mighty sector when compared to the $46 billion finished products industry. To say ingredients play a critical role is an understatement. Raw materials—and the people who produce, export, import and distribute them—are foundational to the industry.

The 2019 Raw Material Report digs into the supply chain with the most robust ingredient market modeling seen in years. The report also includes:

• Over 60 pages of NBJ’s most pertinent industry reporting
• 30 market sizing charts
• Key trends driving supplement innovation
• 6 top company lists
• 17 company profiles
• Excel document of raw data
• Presentation-ready reports for PowerPoint