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The New Normal: Supplement Industry Growth Outpaces Pre-Pandemic Projections
Supplement Market Rebounds with 4.4% Growth
Mushroom Market Report
Mushroom Market Report
Mushroom Market Report
Mushroom Market Report
Mushroom Market Report
Mushroom Market Report
Mushroom Market Report
Mushroom Market Report
Mushroom Market Report
Mushroom Market Report
Mushroom Market Report
Mushroom Market Report

Mushroom Market Report


Are you ready to dive into the fascinating world of mushrooms? The Mushroom Market Report is your comprehensive guide, shedding light on the growing mushroom supplement market. This report is packed with vital information to help you navigate the current landscape and lead the industry with confidence.  

What's Inside? 

  • Market Sizing Insights: Discover why mushrooms are steadily gaining popularity with an overview of the market, a breakdown of the top 7 mushroom species used in supplements, and examples of the best mushroom supplement products on the market.  

  • Consumer Preferences: Learn about the top health conditions that consumers are addressing with mushroom supplements and gain insights from five consumer surveys that reveal the motivations, preferences, and experiences of mushroom supplement users.  

Why Choose Our Report? 

This isn't just another market analysis; it's an exploration of the opportunities and challenges facing the mushroom supplement market. While many are excited about the potential of mushrooms, some remain skeptical—especially older generations who may not be as familiar with the medicinal properties of these fungi. This report will give you tools to understand generational dynamics, like what Baby Boomer’s trepidations are with mushrooms and how to target Gen Z and Millennials effectively. See what other companies are doing, where the innovation is going, and what opportunities there are in conditions not currently being addressed with the Mushroom Market Report. 

Special Feature on Psilocybin 

This report also contains exclusive consumer survey data on psilocybin you won’t find in other market-sizing resources. Understand the consumer attitudes towards psilocybin, and the potential for innovation. 

Join us on this enchanting journey through the Mushroom Market Report, where science meets wonder, and opportunity awaits. Equip yourself with the knowledge to thrive in the mushroom supplement industry—where the next big growth story is sprouting! 

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Each chapter contains action items to bring the insights into your day-to-day

For the MarketerFor the Product DeveloperFor the CEO/Executive

Sales, growth, and analysis across 7 varieties of mushroom




Lion's Mane

Turkey Tail



Over 150 Data Charts

30 Company Profiles

22 Health Conditions Tracked

Raw Data + PPT Slides

Sales, growth, and analysis across these health conditions

Table of Contents

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Executive Overview

Beauty from within

Bone health

Brain health

Cold, flu and immunity

Gastrointestinal health

Women’s general health

Men’s general health

Children’s general health

Healthy aging

Healthy sleep

Heart health

Liver health and detox

Joint health


Mood and mental health

Pre- and postnatal health

Sexual health

Eye health

Weight management

Company profiles

Related content

Acknowledgments and definitions

Table of Contents

Click through each tab for an overview of each chapter and its data charts and survey questions.

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Executive Overview


Functional food and beverages

Psychedelic mushrooms

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