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Herbs & Botanicals Special Report


From the hippie aisle to the mainstream – herbs and botanicals sales are growing faster than ever, and this report is a must-have for understanding how to keep pace.

The herbs and botanicals category is one of the cornerstones of the natural products industry, but it’s far from old news. Growth in this mainstay market has been outpacing the rest of the industry since 2013, and reached record-breaking heights in 2020 with a 17.3% growth rate bringing in over $11.2 billion dollars.

In this first-of-its-kind report from NBJ, we take a deep dive into the whats and whys behind these impressive numbers, including a look at sales channel dynamics; the top 25 herbs and botanicals companies broken down by 2020 sales; and specialty chapters on ashwagandha, hemp CBD, elderberry, and mushrooms.