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What follows 14.5% growth? The Supplement Business Report has the answers.
The 2021 Supplement Business Report is a must-read!

2019 Global Supplement Report

Hemisphere-spanning supply chains and scores of finished product markets overseen by wildly different regulatory regimes, dietary supplements make up a global industry in the most intricate and complicated manner imaginable.

The Global Supplement Business Report tackles the intricacies and complexities of the international marketplace as a guide for supplement brands looking to grow on a global scale. With reports on the newest science and the latest trends, this NBJ report offers the latest take on where the markets are moving and what’s driving that movement. The data and insight presented in NBJ’s new quick-access format provides actionable intelligence to support C-level decisions and product development planning and a collection of 14 company profiles reveals how the smart companies are navigating the most challenging markets.

At a global scale, the dietary supplements trade is as complex as any industry on the planet. The Global Supplement Business Report provides the data that turns those complexities into opportunities.

Also included in the report:
• 102 easy-to-read charts
• Data and insights for 20 countries and regions
• 14 global company profiles
• Excel document of raw data
• Presentation-ready reports for PowerPoint