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[Premium Digital Event] The Business of Botanicals: Maintaining momentum post pandemic

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August 18, 2021 at 9am MDT

If you need help accessing the event, please contact NBJ Virtual Event Customer Service team member Jill Ramar at for assistance.

Join NBJ for this premium digital event where experts will discuss the modern business case for herbs and botanicals, and how to find success as this classic category continues to thrive in modern times.

With NBJ data detailing sales trends and predictions, an herbalist revealing the most promising ingredients and a panel of brick-and-mortar retail experts sharing what consumers are asking about in the aisles and an Amazon expert explaining how the pandemic-driven rush to e-commerce will play out, attendees will come away from the session with a deep take on how to court consumers new to the category, how to build on sales that exploded during the pandemic.

We'll include NBJ market sizing and forecast updates on the herbs and botanicals market, including details on herbs and botanicals that are not published anywhere else! All presentation materials will be available in Swapcard after the event.