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Baby Boomer Consumer Snapshot Report
How Often Baby Boomers Use Supplements
Baby Boomer Consumer Snapshot Report
How Often Baby Boomers Use Supplements

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Consumer Snapshot Report: Baby Boomer


What do natural and organic products businesses need to know about Baby Boomer consumers? What role do they play in the market overall? How can manufacturers, distributors, and retailers engage and entice them into buying their products? What are their values, needs, and behaviors when it comes to food and nutrition.

Continuing the new series of Consumer Snapshot Reports, NEXT wove together data from multiple public and proprietary sources to create tailored information and insights for the natural and organic products industry, focused on understanding what makes Boomers different and how companies can account for their unique characteristics when developing products, messaging, and marketing strategies.

The Baby Boomer Consumer Snapshot provides a profile of who these consumers are, what they want from our industry, what influences their decision-making, and how businesses can reach them. Purchase the consumer snapshot report now to learn more!

85% of Baby Boomers are experiencing one or more health conditions

They tend to be more conservative and pragmatic than younger cohorts

Baby Boomers have had decades of shopping experience and are not easily swayed

Explore these topics featured in the Baby Boomer Consumer Snapshot

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