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Fueling Performance, Shaping Wellness: The Latest Trends in Sports Nutrition & Weight Management
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Immune Health Special Report
Immune Health Special Report
Immune Health Special Report
Immune Health Special Report
Immune Health Special Report
Immune Health Special Report

Immune Health Special Report


What does the future hold for the immunity category in the health and nutrition industry? NBJ's Immune Health Report is the first report of its kind, providing the information you need to understand how the events and trends of 2020 will impact the future of immune health.

It's no surprise that 2020 has seen significant growth in the immunity category, and experts agree that we're entering a new era of how consumers think about immunity. This report provides expert insight and analysis on the immune health market based on sales volume and growth data by category and ingredient, insights from proprietary consumer and manufacturer surveys conducted in August 2020, investment transaction data from 2016-2020, and market and consumer data from NEXT Data & Insights and NetBase.

This information can't be found anywhere else, and is a must-have to understand what's going on now, and how to use this information as strategy for the future.

54 Charts & Graphs

Manufacturer Survey:
Food, Beverage, Supplements

Consumer Survey:
Attitudes on Immunity

Raw Data + PPT Slides

"The immune system is found in every tissue and organ in our body"

Dr. Jeffery Bland PhD and Dr. Zach Bush MD present a dramatic change in thinking on where the immune system truly exists and the roles it plays.

"How are we spending $3.8 trillion dollars a year as a healthcare industry to complete failure"

NBJ facilitated a 60-minute conversation with these two thought leaders to explore changes in the medical understanding of human immunity, as well as the possibility of a paradigm shift in understanding human health.

The full interview is available in the report.

Table of Contents

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Executive Overview

The future of ingredients


Consumer Survey

Social Media

Immunity Intel

Acknowledgements and Definitions

Our unique methodology tells you

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  • why they're buying it

Learn how this multi-input data model provides a comprehensive view of the industry and delivers the most accurate forecasts 

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