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Fueling Performance, Shaping Wellness: The Latest Trends in Sports Nutrition & Weight Management
The latest data: Sports Nutrition & Weight Management
Sports Nutrition Issue
Sports Nutrition Issue

March 2023: Sports Nutrition Issue


The comeback story for sports nutrition and weight management is a tale told in mass market. These every-combining categories are certainly attention grabbing and are critical for any nutrition brand to keep an eye on.

To call the combined sports nutrition and weight management categories the comeback story that came back down to earth isn’t exactly a stretch—when 21.6% growth drops to 9.9% growth, it can feel like a correction— but calling it that might also miss what’s fundamentally different about the categories in a $62.54 billion combined market.

Most of the market and the bulk of the growth occurred in sports hydration and energy beverages, a subcategory heavily dependent on mass market retail.

Weight management meal replacement sales growth accelerated while weight management pills returned to a pattern of decline after a brief reprieve in 2021.


Issue Features

Data Charts

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  • $62.9 billion U.S. sports nutrition and weight management industry by category, 2022
  • Sports hydration and energy beverage sales and growth, 2018-2026e
  • $40.7 billion U.S. sports hydration and energy beverage sales by channel, 2022
  • Weight management meal supplement sales and growth, 2018-2026e
  • Diets or ways of eating that respondents followed or regimented in 2022
  • Men's health supplement sales and growth, 2017-2025e
  • Percent of consumers satisfied with their health by generation
  • Generational differences among frequent supplement users in 2022
  • WVC H&W Index - 2022
  • How respondents stay updated on new products and ingredients in the sports nutrition industry
  • Consumer social media preference for gathering information on food and ways of eating in 2022

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