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Personalized Nutrition Special Report 2022
Personalized Nutrition Special Report 2022
Personalized Nutrition Supplement Sales and Growth
Supplement consumer survey data around personalized nutrition consumption
Company profiles of personalized nutrition supplement companies

Personalized Nutrition Special Report (2022)


Personalized Nutrition is no longer just a category of disruptors wavering between industry takeover and fad status. It's established enough to have a reliable co-packer network and has attracted acquisitions from Nestle, Nature's Way and Bayer. The opportunity? The potential to pass $1 billion in sales by 2024 following 35.8% growth in 2021.

The third edition of this special report covers market sizing, sales, and growth of supplement & testing revenue from personalized nutrition for 2018-2025e. We interviewed the top experts, innovators and company leaders in this nascent space to inform our insights and shape the consumer research among early-adopters. The findings are incredibly bullish - with an astonishing 96% of surveyed consumers considering their customized supplement program to be valuable.

This formidable market is on the edge of mainstream. As consumers have become more comfortable with self-testing (thanks to the ever-present nasal swab) it's moving beyond the niche. Consumers aren't sitting on the sidelines and neither should your business. Learn how you can ride the tide of the personalized nutrition movement between now and 2025.

43 Charts & Graphs

Consumer research from January 2022

Among 1,045 current and lapsed personalized nutrition users

19 Company Profiles

Raw Data + PPT Slides

Personalized Nutrition Testing Types

The Personalized Nutrition Continuum

Table of Contents

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Executive Overview

Personalization by testing type

Consumer Survey

Company Profiles

The Personalized Nutrition Universe

As we see it now, “personalized nutrition,” as a matter of commerce, means both the sales of dietary supplements through a personalized model, and the revenue from the testing methods—whether from the same or a different entity—that drive those supplement sales, directly and indirectly, with nutrition recommendations.

The Personalized Nutrition Universe


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