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Fueling Performance, Shaping Wellness: The Latest Trends in Sports Nutrition & Weight Management
The latest data: Sports Nutrition & Weight Management
Sports Nutrition and Weight Management
Executive Overview
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Market Manifestation
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Sports Nutrition and Weight Management
Executive Overview
Action Item: Product Formulator
Market Manifestation
Top Thoughts
Company Plan

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Sports Nutrition & Weight Management Report 2022


In the history of supplements and nutrition, we can’t imagine a more broadly shared comeback than the one we saw in 2021 for the sports nutrition and weight management categories examined in this report.

The overall comeback story takes the shape of incredible 21.6% growth in 2021, following the slowdown to 4.3% growth in 2020 attributed to gym and store closures. The mammoth hydration and energy beverage market first draws everyone's attention with jaw-dropping expansion, adding 8.5 billion dollars last year.

Zoom in further and the reversal stories of certain categories and channels are stunning:

  • Bars and gels with a titanic turnaround from an 8.1% decline to 5% growth
  • Natural and Specialty Retail swapping a 7.7% drop in sales in 2020 to a 3.7% gain the following year
  • Weight management coming from a nearly 3% decline to 9.2% growth, it's highest in over a decade
In the 2022 Sports Nutrition and Weight Management Report you'll read insight and see sales data on sports with everything from weight management pills and endurance focused gels to pre-workout formulations and those ubiquitous protein powder tubs. We share 58 charts and highlight 16 companies in company profiles, describing what observers are calling out as the smartest strategies in sports nutrition and weight management.

There are over 120 pages of deep content in this report, and on every one of those pages we see some aspect of what we are confident is the biggest comeback in nutrition industry history. Those who are in the space, standing on the sidelines, or looking to understand just where this growth came from can enhance their understanding here.

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58 Proprietary Charts & Graphs

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16 Company Profiles

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Sports Nutrition & Weight Management Categories

Table of Contents

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Executive Overview

Sports food and beverage: Functional beverages and bars

Sports food and beverage: Hydration and energy

Sports supplements

Weight management supplements

Sales Channels

Company Profiles

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