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2020 Awards Issue Available Now!

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Since 1996 Nutrition Business Journal has guided decision makers in the nutrition and health wellness space in developing their strategy, understanding trends, realizing opportunity and analyzing potential risks.

NBJ sets the table for the conversation the nutrition industry needs to have. From regulation to innovation, the Nutrition Business Journal stays at the center of the latest news, trends and ideas. With market-defining data charts and insights from thought leaders in dietary supplements, natural foods and personal care, NBJ’s 11 yearly issues address the pivot-point topics that drive product development, investment and omnichannel strategies.

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NBJ market data is produced from thorough primary research and over 50 secondary sources. NBJ’s basic methodology for nutrition industry qualification relies on a comprehensive compilation and assessment of pre-existing data on the entire industry, augmented by NBJ’s quality surveys and interviews.

In each issue addresses how nutrition industry impacts food, pharmaceutical, and health care industries; provides business activities discussion, including market size/growth, trends, and opportunities in the nutrition industry. They also offer market size and growth projections, profiles of major companies and new entrants, case studies of industry leaders, and lists and revenues of top companies in key segments.

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