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What follows 14.5% growth? The Supplement Business Report has the answers.
The 2021 Supplement Business Report is a must-read!
2020 Supplement Business Report
2020 Supplement Business Report
2020 Supplement Business Report
2020 Supplement Business Report
2020 Supplement Business Report
2020 Supplement Business Report

2020 Supplement Business Report


The 2021 Supplement Business Report is now available!


The Supplement Business Report is NBJ's most highly-anticipated report of the year, and this data is more crucial than ever with our industry halfway through the most unpredictable year in the report's 25-year history. Gain valuable, exclusive insight into the 2019 supplement industry sales, growth, and trends, with more focus than ever on 2020 growth and beyond. NBJs analysis predicts overall supplement growth of 12.1% for 2020—the highest growth since 1997—with a correction to follow and, ultimately, a sustained $1.2 billion lift in years to come.

In this year’s NBJ Supplement Business Report, find the in-depth analysis that went into that assessment—juxtaposed, in each category, against pre-COVID estimates—category by category, channel by channel.

What you'll get: 

  • 275 pages (7 Chapters) of data insights and expert commentary
  • 172 data charts paired with market-research insights and top-thought takeaways
  • Category-by-category analysis of pre-COVID predictions and how they’re expected to change
  • A list of 50 top companies, with estimated growth and revenue
  • 45 profiles of leading companies
  • Dozens of role-specific action items and market manifestations calling out on-trend products
  • Excel document of raw data
  • Ready-to-use PowerPoint slides featuring data and charts from the report
  • 172 Charts

    45 Company Profiles

    275 Pages

    Raw Data + PPT Slides

    Table of Contents

    Click through each chapter to see which data charts and companies are featured.

    Executive Overview

    Trends: NEXT

    Vitamins and Minerals

    Herbs and Botanicals

    Sports Nutrition and Meal Supplements

    Specialty Supplements

    Sales Channels

    Company Profiles

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