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The fastest-growing category in the supplement industry? The Herbs & Botanicals report has the answer.
> Herbs & Botanicals outpace industry growth

Executive Overview: 2019 Global Supplement Business Report


The Executive Overview for NBJ's 2019 Global Supplement Business Report includes:

  • 10 pages
  • Easy to read Top Thoughts
  • Expert analysis overview of the Global Supplement market
  • 8 graphs displaying key sales and product metrics:
    • $136 Billion Global Supplement Industry by Country or Region, 2018
    • Global Supplement Industry Sales and Growth, 2014-2022e
    • Gross Domestic Product of Select Key Markets, 2014-2020e
    • Gross Domestic Product Growth of Key Markets, 2014-2020e
    • Global Gross Domestic Product and Growth, 2014-2021e
    • Global Herb and Botanical Sales and Growth, 2014-2022e
    • Global Sports Nutrition, Meal Homeopathic and Specialty Supplement Sales and Growth, 2014-2022e
    • Global Vitamin and Mineral Sales and Growth, 2014-2022e

Please note: The Executive Overview does not include any raw data or data charts. Click here to shop the full 2019 Global Supplement Business report.