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Fueling Performance, Shaping Wellness: The Latest Trends in Sports Nutrition & Weight Management
The latest data: Sports Nutrition & Weight Management
June 2022: Condition Specific Issue
June 2022: Condition Specific Issue

June 2022: Condition Specific Issue


Reading the 2021 sales numbers for the condition-specific supplements markets is almost like reading the headlines, or at least connecting the dots with those headlines, and the bold type for every one of them might still include the word “pandemic.” 

More than two years after it roared out of China, COVID remains the common denominator in an uncommon sales arc and could sketch out the first outlines of a “new normal” of higher sales from more highly motivated consumers who are more highly educated on the benefits of supplements. 

There are certainly signs. 

Growth in general health, a massive and previously sleepy category, is down in 2021 from the 27.5% spike in 2020, but still growing more than six times faster than it did in 2017. The line to be drawn here might connect to the parade of COVID variants that has people concerned about their health. At 7.9% growth, the category added $300 million to the market size. 

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17 Proprietary Data Charts

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  • General Health Sales and Growth, 2017-2023e
  • Sexual Health Sales and Growth, 2017-2023e
  • Preferred Format for Optimizing Nutrition - Source: Nutrition Business Journal Survey N= 1,005 collected week of January 26, 2022
  • What kind of supplements do you currently take? - Source: Nutrition Business Journal Survey N= 1,005 collected week of January 26, 2022
  • $56.9 Billion U.S. Sports Nutrition and Weight Management Industry by Category, 2021
  • Weight Management Non-Meal Supplement Sales and Growth, 2017-2025e
  • Sleep Health Sales and Growth, 2017-2023e
  • Sleep Health Sales and Growth, 2017-2023e
  • Hemp CBD Sales and Growth, 2016-2024e
  • Ashwagandha Sales and Growth, 2017-2025e
  • Mushroom Sales and Growth, 2017-2023e
  • Elderberry Sales and Growth, 2017-2023e
  • Cold, Flu and Immunity Supplement Sales and Growth, 2017-2023e
  • Nicholas Hall's Consumer Health Care Sales - Sedatives and Sleep Aids - Source: Nicholas Hall’s DB6 Global CHC sales database based on brick & mortar trends, MSP, FY 2021

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