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The New Normal: Supplement Industry Growth Outpaces Pre-Pandemic Projections
Supplement Market Rebounds with 4.4% Growth
October 2022: Branding & Marketing Issue
October 2022: Branding & Marketing Issue

October 2022: Branding & Marketing Issue


If times get tight, consumers might need to be reminded why it’s important to keep dietary supplements on the shopping list. The pandemic was a good reminder of why supplements matter, but the human attention span is notoriously short. We have said before that the industry has not always done a good job of “making the case for nutrition,” and now might be a good time to make it. We’re reminded of how GOED came together on the “Always a good idea” message for omega-3s, but the messaging doesn’t need to be quite as cooperative or coordinated

A shared vocabulary for talking about wellness already exists, and the messaging can be shaped to lift the concept of nutrition for all brands. A simple catchphrase that different brands can use on their own, in their own marketing, could resonate across channels. During the pandemic, we wrote that “being healthy is the first step to staying healthy.” That could be a start.

For an industry like supplements, outselling competitors should be an important but not paramount goal. The true goal is health. And in times as uncertain as these, that true goal must be clearly and widely shared.

Issue Features

Data Charts

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  • Political affiliation of U.S. supplement users in 2019
  • Consumer behavior after learning about B Corp Certification
  • Majority of consumers feel stress due to inflation and the rising cost of goods
  • Majority of consumers have changed their grocery shopping habits due to inflation and the rising cost of goods
  • Consumer familiarity with sustainability claims in 2022
  • Pill Format Sales and Growth, 2016-2024e
  • Pill vs. Non-Pill Supplement Sales, 2015-2024e

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