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Fueling Performance, Shaping Wellness: The Latest Trends in Sports Nutrition & Weight Management
The latest data: Sports Nutrition & Weight Management
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Documentary Summary

30 Years of DSHEA: Celebrating three decades of access and quality in dietary supplements

Join us for a journey through the dietary supplement industry’s history—and a view into its future. Since its passage in 1994, the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) has provided a framework for ensuring that supplements are safe, unadulterated, high quality and beneficial to consumers across the U.S. As a result, millions of people have turned to these once “alternative” solutions to support short- and long-term health and well-being. At the center of this movement are the passionate changemakers and responsible companies that tirelessly worked to get this act passed—and those that continue raising the bar. This short documentary will feature interviews with leading industry experts, thought leaders and NBJ team members who will reflect on this regulatory framework and what it has meant for the evolution of supplements.

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The documentary email campaign will reach NBJ Summit, New Hope Network retail, service provider and CPG audiences.

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Documentary and sponsor shorts hosted on and New Hope Network's YouTube channel.

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The documentary social media campaign will run through New Hope Network, NBJ and NBJ Summit social channels - with a combined total of 23,800+ followers

The Investment

For an investment of $10,000 sponsors will receive the following:

Verbal recognition before the NBJ Summit screening of the film

Logo inclusion in the documentary

Logo inclusion in all marketing materials

Recognition as a 30 Years of DSHEA Sponsor throughout the entirety of the campaign

Two-minute exclusive video interview with a leader at your company to complement the documentary. Hosted on

Exclusive sponsorship is available for an investment of $50,000.
Connect with NBJ's Senior Business Development Manager, Cindy Van Schouwen for more information on this unique opportunity.

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