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February 2022: Guest Editor Issue
February 2022: Guest Editor Issue

February 2022: Guest Editor Issue


Entering the third year of the COVID pandemic, connection has become an all-too precious commodity. Battered by a blur of remote work, we cling to the connections we’ve known and search for new connections in new ways, mindful more than ever how important they can be.

This second NBJ Guest Editor Issue is our way of making those new connections. For the second year in a row, we have invited eight people from around the supplement and natural products industries to help us shape an issue. Again, we hope to widen our view, expand our networks and, yes, connect with more people both as the sources in the stories and as the people who bring those stories to our attention.

We learned a lot last year, and we believe our readers learned too. We got the new ideas we were looking for. We added new voices to the NBJ community. We made new connections.

      Introducing our 8 guest editors

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