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Fueling Performance, Shaping Wellness: The Latest Trends in Sports Nutrition & Weight Management
The latest data: Sports Nutrition & Weight Management
December 2022: Trends Issue
December 2022: Trends Issue

December 2022: Trends Issue

The business of trends might best be approached with both data and discernment. Consumer research in an age of cell phones and caller ID is called into question after every national election, the recent midterms standing out as a case in point. It can be done well, but it must also be measured against knowledge of the market. Whipstich Capital’s Mike Burgmaier speaks of balancing insider knowledge against consumer research in a Q&A on page 28. Our colleague Amanda Hartt of New Hope’s NEXT Data & Insights team explains how a seen-at- Expo quantification is factored alongside consumer research and market insider knowledge in Trending in Trends (page 1).

Issue Features

Data Charts

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  • Top 10 trends by NEXT’s consumer prediction market analysis
  • Top three trends of what consumers predict they will purchase in the next year
  • Top 6 brain health supplement ingredients by market share, 2021
  • Preferred consumable intervention for cognition, mental clarity and performance concerns
  • Social media conversations elevate Responsible Packaging relevancy among top eco-trends
  • Microbiome supplement sales by category, 2021
  • Pre/pro/synbiotic market share across top 7 conditions, 2021
  • Cold, flu, and immunity supplement sales and growth, 2017-2025e
  • Top 6 cold, flu, and immunity supplement ingredients by market share, 2021
  • Sports nutrition and weight management sales and growth, 2017-2025e
  • Sports nutrition powder sales by channel, 2021

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