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The New Normal: Supplement Industry Growth Outpaces Pre-Pandemic Projections
Supplement Market Rebounds with 4.4% Growth

U.S. Supplement Category Sales by Channel, 2001-2023



This single-tab raw data chart shows consumer sales of supplements across 6 primary categories and channels, with actuals from 2001-2023.


  • Vitamins
  • Herbs/ Botanicals
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Minerals
  • Meal Supplements
  • Specialty/Other


  • Natural and Specialty Retail represents natural, health food, supplement and specialty retail outlets.
  • Mass Market Retail represents grocery, drug, mass merchandise, club and convenience stores.
  • Mail Order represents catalogs, direct mail, direct response TV and direct response radio.
  • Practitioners represent conventional and alternative practitioners selling to their patients as well as heath clubs.
  • MLM represents multi-level marketers or network marketers.
  • Internet represents direct to consumer sales made online through brands' ecommerce channels and retailers like Amazon

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Source: Nutrition Business Journal estimates derived from data provided by IRI Group (a Chicago-based market research firm), SPINS, Nicholas Hall's DB6 database, in partnership with Nielsen in specific countries, IMS Health (a healthcare information and consulting company), NBJ survey and interviews, and other sources.

(Consumer sales, $Mil) Some revenues are approximations that have been compiled from executives, industry analysts and published materials. Although NBJ has made every effort in partnership with Nielsen in specific countries, and IMS Health, and NBJ Surveys. Revenue figures are are not the result of audits and therefore not guaranteed to be accurate. Errors and omissions are unintentional.