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The New Normal: Supplement Industry Growth Outpaces Pre-Pandemic Projections
Supplement Market Rebounds with 4.4% Growth
September 2022: Global Issue
September 2022: Global Issue

September 2022: Global Issue



Every headline in the news scroll carries some element of nutritional need, many that the industry is in a position to help address. In Supplements Hitting their Stride, page 29, IADSA Executive Director Simon Pettman writes of how the pandemic opened the eyes of government officials to the value of supplements and calls for the industry to band together to build momentum there.

Also in this issue, (see “The currency challenge,“ page 4), we learn how the saber rattling of trade hawks is set to disrupt a global supply chain even further, and we wonder when the supplement industry will find a voice in that debate.

We can think of all the frogs boiling in all those pots fueled by climate change and wonder if UNPA President Loren Israelsen’s warnings about water and energy (see page 10) are being accounted for in the industry’s supply chain planning.

Map the world of supplements with twelve articles from industry experts. Looking for a more in-depth view? Check out the 2022 Global Supplement Business Report.

Issue Features

Data Charts

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  • Global supplement industry sales and growth, 2017-2024e
  • Global supplement industry sales by region, 2021
  • Shares of new European vitamins, minerals and supplement launches in liquid format
  • China supplement industry sales and growth, 2017-2024e
  • Western Europe supplement industry sales and growth, 2017-2024e
  • China supplement industry sales by category, 2021
  • Latin America supplement industry sales and growth, 2017-2024e
  • Australia/New Zealand supplement industry sales and growth, 2017-2024e
  • Percentage of people in Japan taking health foods, by gender and age group

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