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Herbs & Botanicals 2020 market data: 17.3% growth & $11.2 billion. Find experts insights on 'why'.
Herbs & Botanicals: $11.2B & up 17.3% in 2020

May 2018: Condition Specific / Aging


Issue article highlights:

¥ Vitamin D could be on its way to an FDA-approved health claim. What does this say for the state of claims in the supplement industry?
¥ Increased understanding of the microbiome brings promising developmentsÑ for the body and the industry
¥ Niagen is an emerging ingredient with blockbuster potential, and high-profile drama, too
¥ Food tribes and elimination diets may bring consumers back to basics in many ways, including nutrient deficiencies
¥ Coming off the worst flu season in years, consumers have a high interest in immunity, and innovation could keep the category strong
+ K2, combatting the opioid crisis, and a Q&A with sleep expert Dr. Michael Breus