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April 2018: Retail


As the early spring sun sets on Boulder, Colorado, it does so on countless people strolling from shop to shop on the iconic Pearl Street Mall. People, it seems, still love the social activity of shopping. Yet retail is changing, and changing rapidly. Reports of dollars shifting to e-commerce would suggest that these weekend shoppers are increasingly museum-goers looking curiously into soon-to-be-vacant storefronts before returning home to make their discount purchases. Yet, as retail expert Linda Shein argues on pg. 24, the question of e-commerce vs. brick and mortar is already outdated. Change will not be marked as a move from the old model to the new. Instead, a blurring of the lines will continue to unfold as brands and retailers provide consumers with the products and experiences they seek.

Learn how retail is changing and how it will affect the emerging and established brands, retailers and consumers.