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August 2018: Sports Nutrition


Issue article highlights:

¥ What's healthy for consumers may not be healthy for the sports nutrition and weight management categories as consumersmturn away from sugar and toward whole foods cuts into energy drink and meal replacement sales
¥ Many people are reluctant to describe video games as "sports," but many supplement brands are cashing in on Esports with formulations designed for video gamers
¥ The clean label movement finds uneasy traction in sports nutrition as brands look for balance between recognizable ingredients and results-oriented iInnovation
¥ Just because cannabis and sports nutrition may sound like an oxymoron doesn't mean CBD doesn't have a place in sports
¥ Amateur endurance athletes may make excuses to avoid high-intensity interval training, but the supplement industry has few excuses for ignoring one of the hottest trends in fitness
+ Keto popularity, high-caffeine concentration formulas, and DNA-matched nutrition plans